Amlink Limited
85 Stonor Road, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 0QP
office (0121) 249-0331
mobile (0791) 734-0500

Online and Telephone Support

We are always happy to assist our customers however we can. To assist our customers we have the capability to, with your permission, connect to your computer and view your screen as you type and move your mouse.

We can:

  • Instantly connect with customers’ Macs and PCs to resolve technical issues.
  • Access machines and provide service even when our customers are away.
  • Grow and support multiple clients, monitoring their IT infrastructure — networks, computers, software and usage patterns.

How it works:

  1. Using your chosen web browser go to
  2. Enter your name followed by your account code if you are a customer.
  3. Telephone our support desk on (0121) 249-0331 or 07917-340-500 for a support key.
  4. Enter the support key and press return. Answer yes or run to any questions you are asked.

You may terminate the session at any time. The session is secure and you can see everything we do - great from learning new skills.

Online and telephone support is charged at £45.00 per hour + VAT. We bill per the minute to keep your costs as low as possible.